The Knockout Band 

I finally decided to try on a band name. What do you think?

Since moving to the DMV I have had the privilege of playing with so many incredibly talented musicians in a wide range of styles and tastes and ideas. These three dudes of The Knockout, have played together for years before I moved to Virginia and DC and it shows. I can't wait for you to hear the four of us throwdown on stage next month! Ok so who are they? If you don't live around here you might not know but here ya go…

The Knockout is Bruce Middle on guitar, Percy Burt on Bass, and Toby Fairchild on drums

Now Ladia! These musicians have been working together and working in the local area with various groups for years. They have come together to form this beautiful thing called Ladia. Their IG says, “Women in music celebrating women in music.” I just love it. It's crazy how the scales have tipped for women's equality in music, but from the outside, you may not realize how very closed-minded people still are about a woman on the stage. It sounds archaic writing it out. But if you could hear some of the misplaced comments I've received from well-meaning concertgoers, you'd be floored. Now this floored me, from an actual music execs… 

"In a recent interview with ELLE UK, the sister trio opened up about music executives doubting their ability to make it as women rock stars — oh how they proved them wrong as @haimtheband has become of the biggest all-girl rock bands in the world" -Women Who Rock

I just can't stop filling you in about this show. I'll try to keep this brief now:

We will be playing at an AMAZING private venue, Eleven Eleven, for donation-based tickets supporting a local organization working to “break the cycle of homelessness one family at a time.” Go visit their webpage to learn more: Loisann's Hope House

Another little treat I added for you all… upon purchasing a ticket, you will receive a free download of my latest single AND at the show I want everyone to go home with my full-length album. Yes, it's in CD form. Yes, it has a full-color 8-page insert that will be fun to flip through even if you don't own a CD player. 

Lastly, we will be recording the entire show. Both of these bands need live footage of us performing in order to book future and potentially high-profile gigs. We really do need YOU there. Yes, YOU. :)

ly, ck

Courtney King and the Knockout with Ladia   
Location: Eleven Eleven FXBG, 1111 Lafayette Blvd. Fredericksburg, VA  
Time: 7:00 PM EST  
Tickets and more info can be found here:

creating new things 

Jarrett Nicolay of Mixtape Studios, and Courtney King check out the flute pedal board

As much as I'd like to say I'm confident in my abilities to do the things I do, I'm not. At all. I love it, it drives me, it makes me happy, it makes me feel alive. But I'm never 100% sure of myself. I always question something. Working to quiet the critical voices in my head to allow freedom to just do the next thing. Write the song, schedule the meeting, book the gig, make a decision, play the "right" note. But I do it because it has to be done. It's like when you walk down a row of delicate glass vases with signs telling you to be careful, that feeling that you want to be careless and you just HAVE to knock them all down. You, of course, don't, and probably most of you don't even know what that feels like and think I'm a little crazy and that's ok. But that feeling is satiated when I create something. I want to share my human experience to hopefully move someone to feel just a little bit more connected, a little less alone, in this great big world. *wow so much cheese*

But seriously, I want to see people learn to really hear a song. To allow it to affect them.

Experiencing a song that brings me to tears, or makes me laugh, or makes me want to viscerally scream, is something I think few people allow from themselves, unfortunately. But that is my favorite part of music. The parts that cause a reaction so strong that you must let it out physically. Dancing, or swaying, tapping, smiling, a faster pulse, or a deep relaxing breath. It's not an accident. It's a deep connection that we as created beings share. This indescribable feeling of connectedness through music. You feel heard. Acknowledged and known.

I love this shot from Becca at Lily and Sparrow Images in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I'm hovering over my gear, preparing, anxious, but super excited. Not really sure what's gonna happen. I ended up playing lots of notes in a funky mode of E major that made me feel like Inigo Montoya was likely after me because I played like I had six fingers on one hand. 

I hope you stick around as more music is on its way. Thanks for reading.

ly, ckLily and Sparrow Images



New Music: "Six Feet Deep"  

As of May of 2022, my brand new single is out and riding the interwebs. I was a bit apprehensive to release this after my more pop classic rock album from 2019, Feel Good Swiller. Apprehensive but at the same time, so proud of this song.

Simply put, I hope that you will listen and find a powerful cry to move forward from whatever difficulty you are facing with confidence. Bury it not inside of yourself, but outside of yourself, after you have looked that pain in the eyes and said, "I'm done." Where you acknowledge your hurt and stop giving it your attention. No more dwelling on it.

Bury your toxic thoughts about yourself.

Bury your one-sided relationship.

Six feet deep. 

And rise up with new strength.

ly, ck


cover art: Heidi Strong

Music, performing, and recording! 

Since July, things have been fast. From the hustle of beginning to find my place in NOVA as an artist, to meeting and playing with some amazing Washington, DC performers (like Justin Trawick and the Common Good, Ashleigh Chevalier, Amanda Cunningham), to recording and taking the plunge to let others have their hands in my music for the first time, it's been a bit of a whirlwind. 

With Justin and his band, I've had the privilege of playing flute at some awesome venues most notably the Hamilton DC. Playing with this band has challenged me as a flutist and has been so refreshing. I'm thankful for meeting Justin in person, (after first meeting virtually over 2020 on his "The 9 Songwriter Series" Livestream), as well as the main band, the annoyingly talented Mike Scoglio (bass), and Josh Himmelsbach (mandolin). When I look at all the kind of players he brings on stage with him, I'm fricking humbled to be included in this number. I'm looking forward to more! He puts on a fantastic show. Speaking of surrounding yourself with good people, my band, now officially "Courtney and the Kings" for now anyway, has been performing at venues in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Vienna, and Sterling, Virginia. These guys, Chris Witte (bass), Scott Fleck (lead guitar), and Jordan LaValley (drums), have been committed to being there for me as I throw them my crazy out-of-the-box rock and they make it their own. 

As far as new music, I've partnered with Gigantic Recording Company for some music production assistance. They are basically a one-stop shop for songwriters, and as a busy performer and mother, I am all about the easy button... only if it means high-quality trusted results. Although they are new they bring quite a reputation with them. I'm so excited to see what we come up with together. Check out their Instagram to see the amazing line-up of musical minds.

And lastly, I want to invite you to the show I have coming up next week.  Amanda Cunningham's EP release party is Sunday, October 17th at the Crooked Run Brewery in Sterling, Virginia. I'll be playing an opening set for her show.

Releasing new music is a huge undertaking for an indie artist, and it requires a community of people to make it happen. You are my community. I hope you'll join me to support this artist!

What's more, she has decided to donate ALL ticket sales to the Warrior Music Foundation. An organization that, as I write this, I wish there were a way to express my excitement that it even exists. They offer free music therapy and music lessons to veterans and military members... as funding allows of course. Mental health support for our military members through the universal language of music. As an Air Force veteran and former military musician, this speaks close to home.

Please consider buying a ticket to support Amanda Cunningham's new music and catch my opening set! This coming Sunday afternoon from 2-4 pm at Crooked Run Fermentation 22455 Davis Drive Suite# 120 in Sterling, VA 20164

Once again, ALL proceeds of this event will be donated to the Warrion Music Foundation located in Bowie, Maryland.


Drop a comment. What do you think? Will you be there? Do you have a question? Do you have a song request?


There's nothing like a fresh start. A new move, a new job, a new look. This week I had the privilege of working with the talented Becca Griffitts of Lily and Sparrow Images. I'm so excited to share these with you and begin the process of releasing new music. Thanks for the fresh start, Becca, and here's to some post-2020 momentum! 


Hey Fredericksburg, Virginia! This amazing photographer does it all: seniors, family, live music, headshots. 
Go check out more of Becca's work at Lily & Sparrow Images!


Writing my thoughts to you... 

Almost 2 years since the release of my first album, Feel Good Swiller, and so much has happened. I've grown as an artist, alone quarantined in Stafford and Fredericksburg, Virginia. I'm ready to start the process of recording again. I have 5-6 songs ready for some more concrete production, and many more bits and pieces of songs that are awaiting my attention. 

Most recently, with the opening of the outside world again, I've started a band, and hopefully, we'll slowly become a recognized name in the area. Courtney and the Kings is a 4 piece rock band and we are having a great time. 

Check my "Shows" page to see when and where we will be playing next in the Fredericksburg and DC area! 

Thank you for always supporting live music and artists in your community IRL and online. You matter to me more than you will ever know. 

ly, CK