The 9 Songwriter Series Presents: In-Residence

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"The 9 Songwriter Series Presents: In-Residence" is a weekly at home concert series done on Fridays by singer/songwriters all over the world. Instead of 9 musicians on the stage like normal, we'll be presenting 9 performers on Fridays, one every hour from 1pm - 9:45pm (Eastern Time). Songwriters will be performing LIVE for 30 to 45 minutes directly from The 9 Songwriter Series Facebook page, This Friday, June 19th, please join us for: (all times are Eastern) 1pm - Justina Beth-El 2pm - Cinema Hearts 3pm - Greg Vickers 4pm - Shannon Bielski Music 5pm - Mark A Farmer 6pm - Jason Yudoff 7pm - Sam Burchfield 8pm - courtney king 9pm - Sarah Wise Founded in Washington DC in 2008 by singer/songwriter Justin Trawick, “The 9 Songwriter Series” is a touring collective and live show featuring nine acts performing together for one evening of songs and collaboration. In an industry where artists are often working independently, “The 9” brings performers together, often whom have never met, to combine their talents and perform to large crowds around the country. Each installment features an ensemble of nine acts performing in a unique and captivating format, telling stories, and sitting in on each other’s songs with little to no rehearsal for a community experience that can’t be duplicated or emulated. To date, over 500 different artists have participated in "The 9” at shows in DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Philadelphia, New York, Fairfield, Boston, Richmond, Charlottesville, Charlotte, New Orleans, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco. For more info go to