You can improvise.

The call to "just play" can show up rather unexpectedly, bringing a wave of dread and uncertainty. Can you relate to one or more of the following scenarios?

  • You've spent your life perfecting your flute artistry and have grown tired of saying, "Yes, I'm a musician, but I can't do that." 
  • A colleague refers you for a killer high-paying gig. The booking agent tells you, "Some of the songs don't have music. Can you improvise? 
  • A student in your studio joined a rock band and brought sheet music with their music stand to the first rehearsal. They come to you humiliated. They need your help.
  • At a birthday party after a gig, your friend asks, "Can you just play happy birthday?" 
  • After so many years, you just want to find somewhere to play your flute again. Your neighbor plays guitar and won't stop asking you to jam. 
  • You join your church music program. They tell you, "Oh, we don't have parts. You can just make something up. You're a professional!"

House of Blues -Chicago, IL

I can relate.

I never thought I would need to improvise.

Classically trained at DePaul University, I won an Air Force band audition and performed on flute and piccolo in concert bands, woodwind quintets, and other chamber groups.

I loved the job, but eventually, I left the Air Force bands to be a stay-at-home mom. For a time, I stopped playing my flute altogether.

Three amazing kids later, I decided to get back into it. But this time it was different.

Hoping to win a playing job again, and possibly be a university professor I completed a Master's degree program in flute. While doing this, I was also playing flute in my church praise band, playing for kids on a mission trip in Bolivia, and being asked to play flute in a rock band.

I was experiencing a whole new world of music. And I had very little guidance as to what I was doing.  

That’s exactly why I created Freestyle Flute!  

You will be able to say YES to more gigs and studio sessions creating a reputation for versatility which equals more MONEY in your pocket. 

Skip the 10 years I spent "figuring it out" and jump ahead to a marketable skillset that will save TIME for other areas in your life.  

Wherever you find yourself as a flute player, from professional artist to weekend practicer, I want to save you the ten years and thousands of dollars I spent figuring it out. Be free with me.

Pearl Street Warehouse - Washington, D.C.


Be more COMFORTABLE with the unknown. You will always have a clear framework to go back to when encountering a new playing situation.     

Remove the stigma of "right and wrong." The classical flute track often creates a musician that is riddled with the fear of making a mistake.    

Increase your confidence as a musician and performer in a completely new light.    

Become the "cool" flute teacher with a repeatable program you can integrate into your own teaching to guide your students so they can also "be ready for anything!"